How to Create Your Own Token?
You can create your own cryptocurrency in a few minutes with using Token Builder dApp. It's a cheap & good way to create custom coins.
ToGen offers free and paid packages: 1.) Free Package: If you hold more than 100K $TOGEN in your wallet, you can use the free package. Only the name and symbol can be customized in free plan. You won't be charged, your 100K $TOGEN will stay in your wallet. 2.) Paid Package: If you need to customize decimals, initial supply and other details you can use paid plan. You will only be charged for the features enabled.
Go to Token Builder dApp and connect your wallet. MetaMask and Trust Wallet is supported. You'll see token builder tool, fill in the fields with token details (please read Customizable Fields section). Then, total cost will appear on the Pricing Information table. If price is okay for you, click Create The Token button.
A popup like the below will appear. Click to the Deploy The Contract button.
MetaMask / Trust Wallet will ask you to approve transactions. Click to the Confirm button.
You will need to wait a few minutes. Then, contract address will appear on the screen. You can also download the contract code.
Initial supply will be transferred to deployer wallet address.
P.S.: You should wait 1-2 minutes on DAPP page after contract deployment. Your contract code will be automatically verified. If it's not verified after 2 minutes, please look at How to Verify Contract Code? section.
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